The first session is an assessment that lasts 50 minutes. You can attend it on your own or with your partner. You can tell me about your difficulties and I shall be asking you questions about how these difficulties impact your physical/emotional state, your relationships; what was happening in your life when you noticed the problems started, if you tried to do something to address the issues. After an assessment, it will be clearer what kind of therapy you need.

You can ask me any questions about the process of therapy and my experiences and qualifications. If we decide to work together, we shall establish your availability to come for regular sessions, the frequency of sessions, the cost, and your preferred method of paying. 

The fee for an assessment is £95 for individuals and £125 for couples.
If necessary, any letters of referrals, for example to a GP, or another medical professional will be sent to you or directly to a doctor without a charge.

If you would like to book your session please email me