Hello, My name is Lina Milner, I am a highly trained and experienced relationship and sex therapist based in London.

Relational and sexual difficulties are very common: every relationship has a challenge, but if you feel that the problem has persisted for too long and it is out of your control despite all of your efforts, do contact me and we can have a conversation about the type of counselling that will suit your needs.

I work with couples and individual (heterosexual, LGBTQ+) short and long term from my private practice in Central London, Regent Street and North London, Finchley Central. 

During COVID-19 social distancing measures I have strarted offerring online relationship and sex therapy for clients and clinical supervision for therapists. I recieved requests for therapy not just from people in the UK, but from individuals and couples from around the world: Ireland, Sweden, Germany, USA, Ukraine, Greece, Albania, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Russia and Iceland.  Wherever you are, you are not alone in trying to make a meaningful intimate connection in your life and finding it very hard at times. 

Welcome to my small, busy and personal private practise where you can receive a specialist help and clinical support with sexual problems and relational difficulties. 

What happens in the first session?